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Performer, Coach, Creative Healer

Hello, there! I'm, Jazelle.

I'm a wifey and mom of 3! In addition to this, I am a performing artist of over 18 years, a holistic creativity coach, and creative healing guide.

I use my educational background in Performance, Psychology, and Expressive Arts Therapy (healing arts) to support amazing women like you. Whether starting your creative career, balancing motherhood as an artist, wanting a gentle way to heal, or looking to complete that creative project you’ve always dreamed of -

I’m here to help!

When I'm not in a production, working on a new piece, or seeing the latest live music/theatrical show; you can find me singing around the house or on a travel adventure with my family.

Why? Because there is creative MAGIC everywhere and

I love exploring it all!

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Online courses

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"I feel like I'm more focused than I've been as I embark on being FULLY Me as an effective mom, wife, and creative. Join this program if you are serious about pursuing the dreams God placed in your heart, while being a great mommy. "

- Tanikia (writer, actress)

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"It's easy to let dreams stay dreams. They get comfortable there, but with Jazelle, you will have accountability - she will help you take your dreams off the shelf and blow life into their lungs. It's terrifying and exhilarating!"

- Octavia (writer, musician)

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- Jasmine (entrepreneur, IT expert)

"I'm happy because this coaching has given me a fresh look on how to be the best version of myself, it has heightened my creativity, and set me up well for my business endeavors."

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For collaborations, retreat Inquiries, or speaking engagements: contact

For creativity coaching or creative Healing guidance: Coaching

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